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Things You Definetely Should Know About the different Types of Cotton Bedding Sets

Not all cotton is created equal. Therefore, you have to understand the different categories in which the quality of cotton is rated, including thread count, weave, staple length, and more. Consider that cotton comes in boles, and you have to stretch it to create the fibers used to weave threads and sheets. The result of stretch boles of cotton is staple length.

1.When it come to the cotton staple length

There are two different types of cotton ,The common cotton (also called short staple cotton ,about 80% cotton plants are common cotton ) and long staple cotton.Of course the longer the fibers are the higher quality the products will be .About the price the long staple cotton products are higher than the common cotton .
And here are the preference of the cotton fibers :
  • Short Staple Fiber: 1 1/8 inches long 
  • Long Staple Fiber: At least 1 1/4 inches long and is high quality.
  • Extra-Long Staple Fiber: 1 3/8 inches to 2 inches long and is the finest quality.
Even the short stable common cotton are far comfortable than the polyester this is why the cotton sets are more popular .

2.When come to diffrent finishing process we have those types 

2.1.Wahed Cotton 

Washed cotton is made of cotton fabric. Its surface color and texture become softer after a special treatment, and you can still feel its old fabric to some extent through the little creases on it. Fabric made of this material are not easy to deformation, color fading and do not require ironing. Some higher-quality washed cottons also have an even layer of plush, which is unique in style. At present, washed cotton is mainly used in fields such as clothing, bedding, upholstered furniture and toy manufacturing.

2.2 Brushed Cotton

Brushing is a finishing process used to raise the surface fibres of a fabric. Cotton flannel is an example of brushed cotton. The fabric undergoes a mechanical brushing process and fine, metal brushes carefully rub the fabric to produce fine fibres from the woven yarns, creating extra softness on the surface of the fabric. Cotton can be gently brushed on both sides to make it soft to the touch and extra cosy to sleep under.


3.When it come to different weaves perform over time.


Sateen, which is not the same as satin, is a type of weave with more vertical threads than horizontal. This produces an exceptionally soft bed sheet with a smooth, lustrous finish that resembles satin. While luxurious, sateen sheets are far more fragile than percale or plain weaves.



Muslin Fabric (also known as Calico because it’s typically either white or an undyed natural color) is a popular theatrical fabric used by scenographers. This fabric is an inexpensive finely woven cotton cloth that was first produced in the Middle East during the 9th Century. The fabric is closely woven which gives it a pure starched finish and a flat “clothy” effect and feel.

As a ubiquitous theatre fabric, muslins are often used in costumes and as a background fabric for stage sets for backdrops, murals, cycloramas and scenery flats. And since this fabric type has a translucent quality, it can easily be painted. They are ideal for stage props and other scenic applications. Painted backdrops are also popular with portrait photographers.
When muslin applied on bedding sets ,they will come out very light and breathable ,will be cool for hot summer

4.When it come to different dying peocessing ,we have these types

4.1 Yarn-dyed

Yarn-dyed fabric are exactly what they sound like.  Yarns that are dyed into specific colors before being woven into a design. So the design is literally part of the fabric, this takes additional time, planning, and engineering to achieve a particular design.  That will sometimes account for the slightly higher price point of yarn-dyed fabrics.  Just one reason why we love yarn-dyes is that the front and back side of the fabric is usually just as useful as the front.  Meaning that the design is literally translated to the backside making your fabric double sided (depending on the weave used).

4.2 Printed Pattern 
Also printed pattern just like what sound .After we finish the processing the last step is print the patterns as you like on the cloth .

Here are all the types in our store ,hope these can help ,if you have any question please feel free to contact with us 


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